Cool Stuff Wednesday: Think of the Children

Blogging is about sharing, right? I’m going to occasionally share stuff on Wednesday that I think is cool or neat or otherwise link-worthy in positive fashion. Let us call this Cool Stuff Wednesdays (not that I’ll do it every Wednesday, but Wednesday is when they’ll happen, like how when I do Folks I Admire it’s generally on a Friday.)

Ken Hite & Robin Laws Speak Words

…in their podcast, Ken and Robin Talk About StuffLogan Bonner, my roommate/co-worker, and I trade off podcasts to listen to depending on who’s driving, and this is on rotation in my car. It’s an interesting hour-long listen (which is, when traffic is good, roughly my commute both ways[1]). They talk about all sorts of random stuff — often relating to gaming, the occult, and alternate history (which is to say, “often related to gaming”), but they also talk about food or books they’ve bought or films they’ve seen, whatever’s on their minds.

Sometimes I agree with what they say, and sometimes I don’t. In both cases, though, the way they present themselves generally turns agreement or disagreement into a thought exercise rather than passive acceptance or  rejection. There’s a lot of value in that for me, because it’s in that space where ideas spark. In fact, frequently I ask Logan to text me an idea to remember — since I’m driving — because of something Robin or Ken say.

Also, they’re freaky seeped in odd, interesting facts. Give it a listen.

(Incidentally, deciding to do this post was sparked by an episode of theirs.)

Children’s Hour of Knowledge

Not for children. Not an hour. 0% knowledge.

If you think you’d like a ridiculous short-form podcast comedy about an inept children’s show host and his puppet co-host who desperately works to make the show not actively dangerous to children, put some iBuds in your earHoles and get with the listenin’.

The episodes run around 5 minutes, and there are over 40 of them. There’s a sense of absurd continuity, so here’s the first ep: hourofknowledge.com/2008/06/episode-1-directors-cut. Co-creators Brendan and Stephen are comedic geniuses. And they occasionally have awesome guests, like Angela of The Doubleclicks and Kris Straub (and even me in one), play characters.

Children’s Hour of Knowledge is like hopping on a train that’s going to Crazy Town while you’re wearing an Oakland Raiders jersey covered in vaseline and bees. It’s that majestic.


Regular readers know that I don’t typically shill for my day job on my blog. For one, I’m already shilling all the freelance or Kickstarter stuff that I’m doing…

(OMG did you hear about Backstory Cards? Look at how subtle my plug for my current Kickstarter is! Ow, please stop hitting me.[2])

…and for another, it’s not why most people read me. But there’s something that I’ve been super stoked about, and it got mentioned yesterday on the Paizo Blog: the preview of the Bloodrager class. This has become my favorite class archetype in any fantasy game now. I fell in love with the flavor, and as the first person on deck editing the classes, it was pretty cool to watch it take shape during and after the playtest.

I squee a little bit in the first page of the comments there — if comments of your jam, you might be amused. Anyway, if you like fantasy gaming, check out the Pathfinder RPG Advanced Glass Guide, due to hit Gen Con this year. The ideas of the ten classes in it are pretty interesting — “biting a bat just to hear it scream” interesting.

Rob “Quiet Sensei” Donoghue

Rob is talking about Dungeon World on his blog. This is my last entry, and it’s short because you should go read his blog in general.

Four things seems like enough for one Wednesday!

– Ryan

[1] Traffic is rarely that good.

[2] A friend told me that I need to mention in on my blog, because he generally consumes my stuff via RSS. Check!


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