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Success at a Cost with Attacks in Fate

One of the thorns in Fate’s side is that success at a cost works wonderfully well[1] for overcome actions and creating advantages, but it doesn’t work for attacks.

Emerging Threats Unit: Characters and Scale of Stories

It’s been a couple months, so time for another Emerging Threats Unit post, so I thought I would jump back to a basics from another angle: the sort

Q&A: Scaling in Fate

On my Patreon, James Dawsey asks: I’d like to see you tackle the discussion of up-sizing and down-sizing the scale of a Fate Core game. Comparing characters who

Q&A: How I Edit

On my Patreon, Jason Pitre asked: It’s been said that your superpower is putting yourself in other people’s shoes while editing. Could you explain how you do that? How do you manage the knowledge that you already hold and assume nothing while editing? This is a surprisingly hard question for me to answer. Before telling

Demystifying Style Guides

When I mention style guides, or ask for a style guide from someone I’m about to work with, sometimes I get a confused look — like I’ve just

Fate and Contests Under Fire

Often in adventure scenarios, the player characters will encounter threats that will harm them, but they can’t harm back. Some of these are environmental conflicts, like “escape from