My NorWesCon 37 Panels

I’m slated to be a panelist at NorWesCon, happening next week! (As is my better half, Lillian Cohen-Moore.)

Reasons to Leave Your Cave

Thursday, April 17th 9p-10p | Location: Cascade 2

Does writing need to be a solitary profession? How can authors banding together improve their careers?

Panelists: Ryan Macklin (M), Frog Jones, Frances Pauli

What’s New in Games This Year?

Friday, April 18th 12p-1p | Location: Cascade 9

Our panelists will discuss the new hot games and maybe a few that have slipped by widespread notice, as well as new trends in games and gaming.

Panelists: Shannon from Seattle Geekly (M), Jeremy Holcomb, Ryan Macklin, Dylan S.

Podcasting 101

Friday, April 18th 1p-2p | Location: Cascade 9

What do you need to create a podcast? From the barebones, no nonsense, to podcasts with extravagant production values, there’s room for everyone out there with something to say. Come hear our podcasters talk about how they got started and how they do it.

Panelists: Shannon from Seattle Geekly (M), Ryan Macklin, Chasing River, Ogre Whiteside

Tabletop RPG Design: Game Design Workshop

Friday, April 18th 5p-6p | Location: Cascade 7&8

Are you designing, or thinking about designing a tabletop rpg? Are you stuck? Unclear how to begin? Need feedback? Let our panelists help you through the design process.

Panelists: Ogre Whiteside (M), Adam Koebel, Sage LaTorra, Ryan Macklin 

Gaming Podcasts

Saturday, April 19th 3p-4p | Location: Cascade 5

There are a lot of gaming podcasts out there. What are they? Where do you find them? Which ones are the right ones for you.

Panelists: Ogre Whiteside (M), Ryan Macklin, Mickey Schulz, Dylan S.

Editing, Laying Out, and Publishing an RPG

Sunday, April 20th, 10a-11a | Location: Cascade 3&4

So you’ve designed and written a tabletop RPG. Good job! Now what? Our panelists walk you through the finishing touches of producing an rpg, and the second task of making it available.

Panelists: Wolfgang Baur (M), Eric Cagle, Amber Eagar, Ryan Macklin


If you see me there, say hello!

– Ryan