Coming Soon to a Dark Future Near You

Live the dream of the 90s one more time, for eternity. Play as immortals, and other stuff that’s awesome, I guess!

Katanas & Trenchcoats: Pre-Bicentennial EditionThat’s right! The hit roleplaying game based on the hit television show based on the hit movie based on the hit real secret history of immortals is going to be Kickstarted! Also, IndieGoGo’d. Maybe also GoFundMe’d. And PayPal’d. However we can pay for a coke habit (#styleofthe90s).

The top tier reward: BECOME AN IMMORTAL! That’s right.*

Actually, that’s the second-highest tier. The highest is become an immortal and also get a sweet katana that whispers ancient secrets to you.**


– Ryan

* Still working the details of that out. Totally unrelated, if you have a immortal friend who could help with that, please have them contact me. I assume that’ll mean they appear out of the shadows at will. That’s cool, I’ll have my mirrorshades on at all times, so they know I’m legit-true.

** Ditto.


2 Responses to Coming Soon to a Dark Future Near You

  1. blackcoat says:

    This, coupled with listening to RPPR interview with Posthuman last night about how they broke into the biz makes me hella nostalgic for wandering around in my leather trench, sunglasses on at night, clove cigarettes and enforced ennui.

  2. Scum of Dunwall says:

    Kinda.. AWESOME!!!1