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Four Tips for In-Person Betatesting

There are two overall phases to playtesting a game: early development playtesting, where you’re in the room and explaining much of the game as it is in your mind, and betatesting, where others are playing off of documents you’ve provided and trying to learn the game for themselves. Sometimes, there’s a point where you’re both

Creating Instant Relationships with Variance

During NorWesCon, I got to talking with Erik Scott de Bie about comic, which if you know Erik is not surprising conversation. He was talking about the Rising Stars series from last decade, about how it makes for an interesting superpower premise of growing up with the other hundred or so supers in the world.

The Multitude of Zones, Part 2

This discussion of zones in Fate Core continues from part 1, wherein I talk about the mobility, effect, and boundary elements of zones. Many of the problems people encounter when playing Fate or when designing Fate subsystems is that zones collapse these three things together. Today, I’ll talk about some concepts that extent from looking

Redefining Success with Style

Doing conversion work with Fate has really opened my eyes to the myriad of ways in which it works differently from other adventure games. Lately, my thoughts have turned to Fate’s version of a critical success: success with style. One of the criticisms against Fate is that you can buy your way into success, which

My NorWesCon 37 Panels

I’m slated to be a panelist at NorWesCon, happening next week! (As is my better half, Lillian Cohen-Moore.) Reasons to Leave Your Cave Thursday, April 17th 9p-10p | Location: Cascade 2 Does writing need to be a solitary profession? How can authors banding together improve their careers? Panelists: Ryan Macklin (M), Frog Jones, Frances Pauli What’s

Fate Aspects: Defenders in the Mist

I routinely talk about why we on the Fate Core team made the decision to narrow characters down to five characters aspects. I even do fewer, notably for