Writing is Exorcism

Ideas pop into our heads all the time. They haunt us, chew at us, make demands of our psyches. They are demons, sure as not, but there is a way to exorcise them.


Writing isn’t a promise or a commitment. When you take out a piece of paper to write a random, wacky idea down, you aren’t making some sort of deal with this demon that entails making a book or game or whatever. When you write, you’re merely taking a demon out of your mind and binding it to paper.

Then you can look at it, and decide of the demon is worthy.

Then you can banish it away–to a trash can, to a file folder, to a shared drive, wherever–to with as you will. Know that while your mind will accidentally conjure many such idea-demons, they are easy to bind and banish.

Sometimes, you will find one worthy of your time. And sometimes, you’ll even have the time and resources to address it. But for nearly all idea-demons, you will have to exorcise them just to move on.

If you don’t, they’ll continue sticking in your mind, like open loops yearning to be closed, like little voices that shout “pay attention to me!”


Some believe that if you start writing an idea, you’re committing  yourself to work on it more. That is so far from the truth, but is a common misconception. We write not to enslave ourselves to ideas, but to gain power over them. We write to free ourselves from idea-demons that we accidentally conjure. That is your power, as a writer–you may feel weakness in saying “okay, fine, I’ll write a couple pages,” but that’s what gives you your life back.

The alternative is to let the idea continue to gnaw at you, the Níðhöggr to your minds Yggdrasil, birthed from one of the many idea-worlds in your mind and now choking at the very tree it came from. And that, my friends, is how we truly let ideas enslave us.

Write to be free.

– Ryan


2 Responses to Writing is Exorcism

  1. I agree 100%. This has helped me immensely with insomnia. Sometimes the next day I’d look at my note and go WTF. My mind was consumed with that?

  2. Scum of Dunwall says:

    So true. So true…