Opportunities Do Not Stop Coming

Years ago, I said something to a dear friend of mine that moved her. She was worried about missing an opportunity due to a health problem, and that would be the only such opportunity she would ever have. We talked, and she wrote down what I said onto a post-it and put it on her wall.

Here’s what I told her:


That dear friend is Lillian Cohen-Moore, my soon-to-be-wife, and at the time just a friend. She still has that post-it on her wall, now supported by tape. She occasionally reminds me of that, and of other things I told her that I often need told back to me.

I decided that today I would try my hand at typographic art (which I’m not nearly as good at as Brianna Reed, the Play Everything poster visual designer), because Lillian & I have been living in the same place for one year now. Our relationship seems to embody this quote —  from spending years trying to be in the same city together, and from the fact that we both freelance constantly to keep ourselves afloat and get our wedding paid for.

Keep moving forward, friends.

– Ryan

Thanks to Adam Jury, Minerva Zimmerman, and John LeBoeuf-Little for letting me bounce the colors off of them last night.


2 Responses to Opportunities Do Not Stop Coming

  1. Andy says:

    I should put this up in my office.

  2. Brian 'Koff says:

    Attitude is the one thing I can control. :)