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Decoupling Aspects from Phases

In Fate Core, character creation and aspects are meant to be a module you swap out for specific settings. But in reality, we didn’t really give a lot of space for that. The aspect dynamic in Core is: The core notion of the character’s role, and make an aspect Something interesting that makes the character’s

What I’ve Learned in Ten Years

Today marks ten years since the first time I got my writing published — an article in Pyramid Magazine that I reposted a bit ago. I feel like I should mark this occasion by sharing some of what I’ve learned so far on this journey. (Warning: some of it will not be kind words.) In

Enter the Paradigm Project

Dave Chalker and I love the hell out of Mage: the Ascension, we love Fate, and we love a bunch of other games. You’ve probably seen he and

Emerging Threats Unit: the Basic Story

David Gallo pointed out that the last Emerging Threats Unit post skipped over an important part: I told you the basic mechanical underpinnings before really telling you what the game’s about. In a nutshell, Emerging Threats Unit is about a small group of scientists and soldiers teaming together in bizarre circumstances as protagonists in an action-investigation