Emerging Threats Unit: the Name

The name “Emerging Threats Unit” didn’t come to me in a dream or in a moment of idle shower thought or anything like that. Some folks know that a few years ago I worked for California state government (and I guess more of you do now), mostly for the California Department of Food & Agriculture. I was a software developer there, making among other things web-based apps for tracking forms and procedure.

Specifically, I was a part of the Emerging Threats Unit, a group in CDFA tasked to develop software to track and trace animal diseases in agriculture. This naturally took on importance with the rise of avian and swine influenza focused. (And that is as much as I should talk about my former job there. Except that I know way more about bovine STDs that most people.)

The point relevant to this is that “Emerging Threats Unit” sounds badass, and that for me its tied to contagion and containment is why ETU as a game revolves around that same vibe. Only since focusing it around one state’s agriculture department isn’t especially gripping, the natural take is to use the country’s high-profile health outfit: the Centers for Disease Control.

(Granted my old job was about sitting at a desk writing code or at meetings about the project. The game will be much more interesting. *grin*)

– Ryan

Yeah, it’s a short post today, but I keep telling people about this origin, so I figured I should write it up for all.


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  1. Andy says:

    That’s cool. I get that you have to be sworn to secrecy on all this. We all know what you reeeeeeeeally did at work. ;-)