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Folks I Admire: Leonard Balsera

One of my closest and dearest friends in the world is Leonard Balsera. I figure that to celebrate getting the Golden Geek for Fate Core — which he

Not Giving You What You Want

One of the most curious aspects of game design is balancing playtest feedback with what’ll make the game functional. Invariably in playtesting, I’ll get some sort of response back akin to “we wanted more choices/skills/hero points/etc.” Of course you do, I think, you’re human. That’s not what I say, of course, but that’s always my initial

One Rethinking of the Resources Skill

I’ll let you in on a non-secret: I’m not satisfied with the Resources skill in Fate Core. I get what it’s there for, and I get out to

Play Everything V-Day Sale

For this weekend, Brianna Reed & I are doing a weird sale concept themed around Valentine’s Day: if you order a Play Everything poster from now through Monday,

Ask For Things, Part II

A couple years back, when Gen Con announced the call for industry insider guests of honor submissions, a number of people stated apprehension about putting their hats in the ring. As a result, I wrote about how you should ask for things. Gen Con just put out their call for 2014 industry insider guests of

Emerging Threats Unit: the Name

The name “Emerging Threats Unit” didn’t come to me in a dream or in a moment of idle shower thought or anything like that. Some folks know that a few years ago I worked for California state government (and I guess more of you do now), mostly for the California Department of Food & Agriculture.