Mythender in Golarion

Mythender — my award-winning free RPG about deicide — is one year old today! To celebrate, John Compton (Pathfinder Society Organized Play developer) and I put together a 14-page PDF of setting Mythender in Pathfinder’s Golarion setting!

I’ve been running Mythender on occasion for my fellow Paizo peeps, and they’ve been enjoying it. I hope you all enjoy this heretical take on the gods of Golarion (for you Pathfinder fans) and the new Hearts, Pasts, Fates, along with neat new Myths and their horrible Gifts (for you Mythender diehards).

This idea started kicking around in my head while working on Pathfinder RPG Mythic Adventures, and got cemented while working on Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Gods — well, that and running the game for John and him digging it enough to run for his friends back home over the holidays. So, here you go; John and I hope you like the craziness that is Mythender in Golarion.

A Golarion Corrupted by Myth

In the world of Paizo’s Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, the myriad of gods are locked in eternal contest over their own realms and influence over mortals. Some are benevolent and emotional, some are harsh but still caring, some revel in corruption and strife, some in pure destruction, and that is to say nothing of those who are wholly alien in mind-set.

In Mythender Roleplaying Game, the gods clash with each other to be sure, but they all draw power from the worship of mortals. As agents or manifestations of the Mythic World itself, these gods and their monstrous servitors keep mortalkind in fear and awe so that the Mythic World itself may thrive. All gods—even the “good” ones—must be Ended.

So hey, let’s smash those two ideas together: use Mythender to play mortals infused with Mythic Power who dare to End the gods of Golarion, only to risk becoming gods themselves.

 In This Packet

There are six replacement Hearts, each based on one of the six mythic paths in Mythic Adventures. (And you thought I overused “mythic” in the core Mythender book…) Each one ties the Mythender to being renown in the world for their Mythic Power (If it helps to envision these characters from a Pathfinder standpoint, think of them as 20th-level/10th-tier.) Each also has a Fate quick-pick, based on a god they might become—though tweak, mix and match, or choose or make other Fates for your Mythenders as in normal creation.

There are two new Pasts to: one reflecting the zero-to-hero trope of fantasy adventuring (called the Overlooked) and one based on being a former slave—on one of Golarion’s themes of enslaved people fighting for freedom. The Child Past from the core book should be removed, as the Slave replaces its dark tone.

Finally, what is a Mythic World without gods to End? This project includes up six difficult gods—including a heretical write-up of Aroden!—along with servitors for immediate use. You’ll see some new Myth tricks in here, which we encourage you to play with in other Mythender games (and are released under Creative Commons; see Legal). We leave the rest of the gods and lesser Myths to you all to create.

Oh, and we did this up fairly quickly, and as a free thing without an editor, so holler if you find any typos or other errors. I’ll put out an update sometime later (and update this note to match). I’ll also tweet about any updates, as is my way.

– Ryan

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