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Folks I Admire: Andrew Hackard & Wil Wheaton

For my last Folks I Admire in 2013, I’ll tell you about two more friends of mine who are awesome and noteworthy humans. These two are awesome in their own rights, and when paired together make palpable emotions and memories. Andrew Hackard Andrew Hackard is the Munchkin Czar — the guy in charge of one

Getting Back on the Creative Horse

I often hear people say “I wish I had time to write,” usually from people who have written before, at least in high school and similar situations where they had both structure imposed upon them and a comparative abundance of free time. And I hear the same typical advice that has been said since it

An Accounting of Half-Done Projects

People like me will always stop to write some notes down about a new idea. It’s how we sleep. By doing that, it frees the mind from being occupied on trying to remember this idea. This is something I mentioned last year: open loops. Sometimes, it leads to a couple pages of an idea that never

Initial “Norden World” Notes

Last Friday, I was was inspired by the snow on the ground in Seattle to run a Dungeon World game set in Mythender’s Mythic Norden. Four fantastic people joined me for an evening of sword and sorcery adventure in a land that truly hates them. And between the players and others who heard about the

Folks I Admire: Ana Visneski

Around this time last year, I had the privilege of meeting one of the most impressive people I’ve come to know in my 35 years on this planet: Ana Visneski. Ana is a goddamn hero. That’s a word we use too lightly in this day, but she is that in the classic sense: someone who

What Makes a Mythic Hero Game?

This question is one that I’ve asked myself for the last six years of my life, since I started screwing around with Mythender in Autumn of 2007. And it’s a question I got to revisit as I worked on Pathfinder RPG Mythic Adventures. I have a handful of answers to that, which are simple and