Gamer Candlenights

There’s a common joke in the professional game making community, that you’ll stop playing games once you start making them. And sure, that’s to a degree true, because leisure time turns into design time, and generally the timeline in becoming a designer lines up with the timeline into entering other adult things, like relationships and taxes and stuff that takes away from leisure time.

The worst part is that once you stop playing games regularly, it’s easy to stay in that space, because you could always put off a game night tonight and “do it maybe next week.” Then put off that one under the same idea, and so on. I have done that quite a bit this past year.

I’m going to address that now, by playing a game every night of Hanukkah, or the holiday that the McElroy Brothers gifted to the world known as Candlenights (which totally isn’t Hanukkah). I’ll be doing this with my fiancee and (depending on the evening) possibly others. That starts tonight, and I invite you to do the same thing.

Join me in Gamer Candlenights or Gamer Hanukkah. Play a game tonight, and play a game every evening until Thursday, December 5th.  Share what games you play with the world, maybe with the hashtag #Candlenights or #GamerHanukkah.

If this timing isn’t good, don’t let it stop you. Try it for one day this week. Try it next week. Try it next month. Play games when you can, and definitely when you need to. Look at games that only take five or ten minutes to play — don’t think you need to take the entire evening every evening to play.

And as you’re playing games, remember this idea:

Play Everything Poster

Happy Gamer Candlenights, everyone.

– Ryan


One Response to Gamer Candlenights

  1. Wayne Zombie says:

    I like it, excellent idea. I haven’t played any games with my wife for months until early this month when we played the Kickstarted Velociraptor! Cannibalism! (which doesn’t work well for two). This trip to Phoenix we’ve gotten in five plays of Flash Point, one of The Doge’s Ship, and an RPG. We have the sea-based Tsuro unopened at home, I’m expecting Machine of Death soon, and a freshly evacuated house since we got carpeting installed just before we left for Phoenix. The challenge will be keeping the dining table cleared so we have a good surface to play upon regularly.

    Of course, in two weeks we’ll be in Colorado gaming our butts off with a couple who also live in a game desert.