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My New Service: Short Developmental Consultation

Looking back, I’ve been a developer-editor in games since 2007, and in that time many of those books have hit acclaim. People keep hiring me to work on their books, so I must be doing something right. But I didn’t drill down into what that “something right” was until a few months ago: I’m constantly

Void Engineers & the Masses

For the next in cut content from Convention Book: Void Engineers, a little snippet that was painful to cut: the first part of the relationships with the world section — The Masses and Extraordinary Citizens. Again, this isn’t edited text. The Masses For all your rockstars and hot shots out there, check your attitude when it

Void Engineers: Void U

The following is a sidebar that was going to be in chapter 2 of Convention Book: Void Engineers, but was cut for space[1] — one of the many cuts that were made to bring the book from nearly 60K words to somewhere around 52K[2]. This was written by the awesome Jeremy Tidwell, who wrote the

A Principle for Fate Conversions

For the last few…well, since well before Gen Con, I’ve been working on some Fate license conversion, notably the Achtung! Cthulhu Fate Core version. It’s caused me to cement ideas that I’ve had for a long time about converting to Fate, but haven’t articulated until recently. My main (not sole) principle on converting to Fate is

Convention Book: Void Engineers is Live!

Many of the people who are interested in Convention Book: Void Engineers have already heard at this point, since it came out on Friday and I had already set up my blog post for that day hours before it was launched. If you haven’t heard about it, here’s some stuff that might interest you: The

The Fate Boost Trio

In the normal Fate character creation, you have the phase trio. It’s one of the elements that survived from Spirit of the Century all the way through Fate Core. (Yes, SotC had five, but we’re mainly talking about the adventure-guest-guest construction.) Of course, in Core, we say that this isn’t the only phase trio setup