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A Take on FAE’s Approaches

While talking a bit with Mark Diaz Truman about FAE and its Approaches, I confessed that I really don’t care for them, because of the Use-Whenever Stats element. Before someone takes that comment out of context (again), I should say that I respect what FAE is, who it’s for, and what role it has for

Desperate Journeys: an experiment

I’ve got a new experiment: a collection of previously-published short stories, titled Desperate Journeys. Here’s the description: Desperate Journeys holds six short stories from Ryan Macklin: Cracks in Marble, where a gargoyle made to protect humans falls in love with one What a Mother Will Do, set in a distant future where refugees struggle for survival in

My First Year at Paizo

A year ago today, I started working at Paizo Publishing, first as a contract editor for the various Pathfinder lines before being hired on full-time in March. I thought it’d be neat to celebrate by talking about the process that we in the editing team live day in and out, and our Editor-in-Chief, Wes Schneider,

Making New Mythender Hearts/Pasts/Fates

As I looked over the proof for Mythender this past weekend, I decided to throw some additional content in at the eleventh hour. Three pages in particular screamed for specific content. Consider this as much a request for comments as showing off stuff for Mythender. (Effectively, what I’m making is the deluxe edition. Except that

Mythender: Call for Tutorial Advice

I got the Mythender proof in (yay) and found a page I hadn’t addressed… This is for the page facing the Tutorial Battle Overview. I have a bit of that from a survey I did before Gen Con, but I need more if I’m going to make this page work. Here’s the deal: if I

How to Poorly Demo a Game

Today, Lillian Cohen-Moore wrote on her Geek’s Dream Girl column about good and bad game demos. It’s worth reading, and I want to build on that. If you’re doing any of the following, you’re un-selling the game: Don’t shit-talk someone else’s game. It doesn’t matter if it’s in print or not. This is a small community,