Daniel Solis on Master Plan Live, 9/8/13

The first of the Master Plan Live episodes has finally been scheduled! The talented Daniel Solis will be on to talk about his  card game design and prototyping process, the results of which he’s frequently posted about on his blog.

We’ll talk a bit about the process of creating his upcoming game, Belle of the Ball (which is currently being Kickstarted).

How Master Plan Live episodes work

MPL episodes will be as Google+ Hangouts on the Air, meaning that you can tune into it at the time or later via an archived YouTube. Because it’s live, there’ll be a time when I’ll take questions from the audience. And because it’s live, I won’t be doing (or even be able to do) any post-production, which means it all gets to you folks sooner!

I’ll also take questions in the comments below this post.

The Deets

This episode will begin on Sunday, September 8th, 2013 at 12:30pm Pacific/3:30pm Eastern. It’ll run for around an hour.

I’ll post specifically how to start viewing it once it’s go-time on this page, and also on my Twitter feed, @RyanMacklin.

How to ask questions: I’ll take questions in this blog post up until noon Pacific/3pm Easter. After that, I’ll be watching the #MasterPlanLive hashtag.

The Ball

If you want to have a bit more context on what we’ll be discussing, check out Belle of the Ball:


If you have any questions on the subject you’d like to ask, and won’t be around for the live interview to ask them, comment below!

– Ryan


4 Responses to Daniel Solis on Master Plan Live, 9/8/13

  1. With the sheer (incredible, astonishing) volume of (incredible, astonishing) game ideas you put to pixel or blog, Daniel, what goes into determining the ideas you take to paper and card stock for full-on development?

  2. John Taber says:

    Tell us about the design process behind Koi Pond. How did he get the idea? What changes happened during playtesting/development?

  3. Eric B Vogel says:

    Hey Daniel. Since you are graphic designer, as well as a game designer, how much back and forth is their between the graphic design concerns and mechanics as you are designing?

    • Ryan Macklin says:

      Unfortunately, I wasn’t keeping track of blog comments once the interview started. Next time I do a Master Plan Live episode, I’ll keep i mind on-Twitter ways to handle live questions.

      – Ryan