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Daniel Solis on Master Plan Live, 9/8/13

The first of the Master Plan Live episodes has finally been scheduled! The talented Daniel Solis will be on to talk about his  card game design and prototyping process, the results of which he’s frequently posted about on his blog. We’ll talk a bit about the process of creating his upcoming game, Belle of the

How I Became an Editor

People frequently ask me how to “break into” game editing. This is a natural and reasonable question to ask a nerd-famous game editor. The thing is, you can’t replicate what I did. Below is the story of how I got started, and it’s a winding path. First, I went to school to be a software

Three Ways Writers Screw Up Mental Health

I mentioned this at a Gen Con panel, and Mike Shel made some great additional comments that prompted this post. There are three big ways that writers fuck up when it comes to mental illnesses (and media in general, thus people in general). Schizophrenia doesn’t mean Dissociative Identity Disorder This is schizophrenia. This is dissociative

My Gen Con 2013 Packing List

Every year, I spent around ten minutes making a packing list for Gen Con, and usually wait at least another hour or two before I start packing, because other ideas will come up after the initial write-up. Having one of these has saved my ass on every trip I’ve made one. Here’s what’s on my

R.I.P. This Just In…

Five years ago, I registered It expired last month, and I got the notification that it was deleted from the registry today. Five years, man. I feel like that’s worth a few words, an obituary of sorts. This Just In… From Gen Con! was the brainchild of Paul Tevis, who in 2008 more or less

Shaq the Godhead, the Sunderer of the Divine

You may have seen some of this already, if you follow Wes Schneider. But for the sake of argument, let’s say you haven’t. At PaizoCon last month, Wes ran a Sunday morning delve. Let’s hear his words: Logan Bonner [hit] the 7-11 mother lode with his discovery of Soda Shaq… the gigantic canned beverage designed,