Two InDesign/InCopy Tips

At Paizo, the developers and editors use InCopy to work with the InDesign files the art department creates. These two small tips work for both (with instructions for Mac; PC people should feel free to say how to do these things in the comments).

Italics as Command+I

(Or Control+I for you PC folks.)

For some reason, the default keyboard shortcut setup for bolding text is Command+B, but for italicizing text is Shift+Command+I. Command+I is spellcheck.

That’s just stupid. Here’s how to go back to living in a slightly saner world. Go to the Edit menu, and select Keyboard Shortcuts… at the bottom.

In the Product Area dropdown, select “Text and Tables”. Scroll down until you see “Apply italic”, and select that.

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Now, when you click OK, it’s going to get a little annoying (unless you’ve already done something like this before). You can’t change the default set, so it’ll prompt you as so:


Click yes, and then you’ll get a prompt for naming the new set.


Name it something that names sense, and there you go! Note that by doing this, you’ve unbound the shortcut to Check Spelling. If you want a different shortcut for that, you can add that by selecting “Edit menu” in Product Area part of the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box, and select “Spelling: Check Spelling…” Repeat as needed.

Drag and Drop Text Editing

One of the handy things about Microsoft World (when it’s not crashing) and other text editors is the ability to highlight text and drag it. It’s convenient and it don’t overwrite what’s in your clipboard when you just need to quickly move something.

By default in InDesign & InCopy, you can do that in Story View, but not in Layout View. Do you like living in a free world? So do I, so let’s enable this in Layout: Go to the InCopy app menu, select Preferences, and then select Type.

At the bottom, there’s a box labeled “Drag and Drop Text Editing,” as shown below.


Click “Enable in Layout View,” and you’re gold! (Credit where credit’s due: Logan Bonner showed us this trick at work.)


I’m going to post some other small (and not as small) InDesign/InCopy tips over the next month, peppered around other blog posts. What tips do you make use of?

– Ryan


One Response to Two InDesign/InCopy Tips

  1. Greg Sanders says:

    I’m an indesign novice and have no tips of my own. But the italics thing has bugged me. Thanks for pointing out the solution!