Tip on Eye Contact in Video

Recently, I was checking out John Adamusexcellent video series on editing and related subjects, and I watched as he kept looking slightly lower than the camera. I recognize this effect: when we’re talking, it’s natural to meet eyelines–and when the only face you see is on a computer screen, that’s where your eyes will drift toward.

Even when it’s your own face on a solo Google+ hangout.

The trick I use is to put a post-it note on the screen where my face is, with an arrow drawn on it pointing up toward my built-in Macbook camera. It both keeps me from having an eyeliner to drift toward and is a continual reminded if my eyes drift down for whatever reason to move them back up. This works whether it’s my face I’m looking at or doing an interview with someone else.

That tip helped out John, so I figured I’d share it.

– Ryan


2 Responses to Tip on Eye Contact in Video

  1. Jeremiah says:

    Alternative: put googly eyes to either side of the camera.