The Mythender Pre-Print Proof

Folks, if you’ve been following me on this blog, social media, or even in person, you’ll know that I’m packaging up Mythender for print-on-demand copies through DriveThruRPG. At least, that’s the plan.

To package it up, I needed to pad the game’s page count by a bit in order to be what Lightning Source (DriveThruRPG’s POD provider) required. Only because DTRPG had two different sets of specs on that, I got confused. End result: There are several more pages in the book than there were before.

There are some changes to the rules, as well. Minor things:

  • The Death Practice gift that the Einherjar have functions properly now
  • You no longer lose Lightning when you die and come back
  • Lasting Blights are harder to destroy

In various places, the text has been made clearer either by cleaning up typos or by tweaking the wording.

There’s also new content! The Extended Rules chapter is all about the crazy add-on stuff: taking Greater Weapons from Gods, Culling concepts from reality, and even Ending the Mythic World itself.

(There’s also a page listing other stuff I’ve made, but that’s directly because the POD provider requires the last page to be blank, and since that was the Names Etched in Time page, I needed to add to pages to the end of the book. Figured I would fill in that second-to-page with something.)

Finally, I have two pages that need to be constructed: the tutorial page on advice from you guys, and the index.

Here’s Where You Come In

You can download this pre-proof version here.[1] This version doesn’t have the interior art or the cover art inside. I still need to place the interior art. And find out how one puts the covers in the for-consumer PDF. And because it has some “fill in here” spots, I won’t be putting it as the main download on the website or on DTRPG. That happens when the book’s done.

I am looking for people who help me with End this book. A bunch of text got added since my editor looked at this last year. If you find any errors — typos, incorrect words, capitalization inconsistencies, rules being off, unclarity, use this Google form to let me know. (That will help me much, much more than email will, especially in case any got lost as junk mail.)

If you have advice regarding the tutorial, for Mythmasters or players, that will help me fill page 79 in, use the form  above. It’s been in my head so long that I’m not sure what I could say that would help.

Finally, I’ll be constructing the index in the next few days (somehow while also taking a vacation and getting freelance work done). If you have anything you got lost on looking up, use the form above to let me know.

I plan on this being a two-stage process; next Tuesday, I’ll send off for the proof, so anything get from y’all and can process before then will make it into that PDF, which will also be available. While waiting for the print to come back, I can still take in typos and stuff, though the filled in pages need to be set before I send to proof. Once the book is in print, there will be no further updates to it.

What you get out of it: In addition to the warm fuzzy feeling…hell, I’ll cut to the chase. I’m going to give away a signed copy of Mythender to one person who contributes to this war effort. It’ll be randomly determined, and the more you submit (that is correct and I use) the more chances you have. I’ll ship it anywhere at cost to me.

If enough people participate, then I might increase the reward somehow.

Thanks for your support! If y’all hadn’t been constantly asking for a print copy for the last few months and years, I wouldn’t be doing this.

– Ryan

[1] If you downloaded it during last night’s “soft launch,” I already added text to Culling Reality.


2 Responses to The Mythender Pre-Print Proof

  1. Alan says:

    Wow, haven’t actually read the rules since the RKE edition. A quick skim reveals some small but non-trivial changes. The term “Legendary” was what I noticed. I definitely need to do a full read-through and ensure I’m modern before I run games at Gen Con!

    • Ryan Macklin says:

      Yeah, the RKE was pre-Josh Roby’s edits. One of the many things he pointed out was that “Heroic” action was wrong, and that “Legendary” was a better baseline. It’s one thing to say “the minimum thing you can do is considered a Heroic Action” and “the minimum thing you can do is considered a Legendary Action.”

      – Ryan