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Convention Book: Syndicate is Live!

Friends, do I have a hell of a deal for you. Convention Book: Syndicate is live! This book was hard to do — far harder than Progenitors — because the mandate of the line is counter to the way the Convention’s portrayed. They’re villains, ranging from Mr. Potter from It’s a Wonderful Life[1] to mafioso types.

Separating Aptitude from Capability

A couple weeks ago, I riffed on an idea about using Fate Core for Mage: the Ascension. And based on a conversation with the ever-Enlightened Travis Stout, I’m revising the idea some. What I’m about to talk about will address a specific case, but the topic behind it is worth understanding in general. At the

The Noise Reset

Here’s a convention GM trick I learned from the inestimable Carl Rigney: the noise reset. This is useful when you’re in a crowded room with multiple games going on around you, because in those situations you have that thing happen where everyone slowly increases the volume of their voices in order to be heard. It’s a

On Other Creators as Competition

It’s easy to think of other successful people as competition. I’ll admit that I do all the time. Sometimes it’s envy, other times despair, or confusion — but it’s always emotional. I also watch others do the same thing. It’s part of human nature. If you find yourself in this moment, consider the following. Should

Expertise Skills in Fate

I’m going to think aloud here about the breadth of skill in Fate, and a possible way to model verisimilitude in settings that suggest so. Back in Spirit of the Century, there was a little idea of stunts that could modify skills — namely, that the Medical Attention stunt could make the Science skill also a

Horror in RPGs Seminar | PaizoCon 2013

The awesome Wes Schneider gathered a pretty cool array of folks at PaizoCon 2013 for a panel on horror in roleplaying games — Brandon Hodge, James Jacobs, and me. He took the audio from the 75-minute panel and made a video with visuals and notes — so it’s not just a boring video of four people