Mythender Advancement Rules

Shortly after Mythender came out, a fan & I were conversing about a potential advancement mechanic.[1] Here’s the idea that I’ve settled on for how advancement can work in Mythender.

First of, like everything else in Mythender, advancement is about becoming more awesome at the itty-bitty cost of your humanity.

After you End of God at the climatic moment of the adventure, if you are still alive (not dead, not a Myth), you may pick up an essence of the God you Ended and imbue it into your being, transforming one of your Weapons from a normal Weapon into a Greater Weapon (see below). This is totally optional; you don’t have to become more awesome just because you Ended a God.

Doing so requires two things: describing how you change or replace one of your existing Weapons with some element or essence of the God Ended, and taking in Permanent Corruption and Fate (page 197 in the book).

Using Thor as an example, any of the following could work for forging an enhanced Weapon:

  • “I take Thor’s dominion over lighting into me and mix it with my <em>Mastery over the Elements</em> Weapon, creating <em>Dominion Over Mythic Nature</em>. This is now an Intrinsic + Companion Greater Weapon.”
  • “I cast aside <em>My Father’s Sword</em> and grab <em>Mjölnir</em>, taking it as a Relic + Companion Greater Weapon, for the horror voice of the dead Thor speaks from it.”
  • “With <em>My Mother’s Sickle</em> in my left hand, I take Mjölnir in my right. Together, they fuse into me something deeper, my <em>Hammer and Sickle that will Birth Freedom<em> Intrinsic + Relic Greater Weapon.”

And all that costs just permanently embracing your Mythic Fate. No big deal!

Once you have a Greater Weapon, you cannot change it by any means. And there isn’t anything greater than a Greater Weapon — this is now a permanent aspect of you, one that can only be escaped by mortal death. (As such, you can only do this three times. If you survive that long.)

Greater Weapons

A normal Weapon is one with only one type: Intrinsic, Relic, or Companion. A Greater Weapon has two of those types.

Intrinsic + Relic: a physical Weapon of great importance that’s bound into your soul and intertwined with your cunning or skill. It can appear and disappear at will.

Intrinsic + Companion: creatures or servants as Weapons that are bound into your core nature. You can summon or dispel them at will, and their number changes based on your desire.

Relic + Companion: A physical Weapon of great importance that has fully intelligent and can sense the world around it as well as speak aloud. It has some small measure of will beyond normal Companions, but is still your servant and bids your will.

The Weapon then works mechanically as both types. Just like what the Gods have!

– Ryan

[1] Thanks to Decivre for the conversation & thoughts that lead to this.


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  2. Lythias says:

    Very nice indeed!
    I still get thoughts of trying to run this ‘Campione!’ (a series of light novels/anime/manga) about godslayers) style, and this advancement works well with the Mythender gaining Authorities from the ones they defeat.