2013 Summer Conventions

It’s getting to be that time of year, again! I’m sad to say I won’t be at Origins next week–I really do miss that show–but I’ll be elsewhere this summer.

Go Play NW

June 28-30 | goplaynw.org

It’s a little late to tell you about GPNW unless you’re a local, but this remains one of my favorite events of the year. I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday, and will more or less freewheel it. There’s only one plan I have for sure right now:

The Upgrade! on Saturday afternoon (link to forum thread to sign up)

It’s time again for the hit reality show, The Upgrade! Three or four couples enter a contest of hearts on an exotic island adventure, where they will engage in challenges and test their love. Will they stay with their partners, or will they upgrade?

This is a jeepform larp, meaning that you can show up in regular clothes and play normal, everyday characters. This game engages themes of sex (meaning 18 and over, please), romance, wacky reality show challenges, awkward confessional moments, and the vast possibilities in the future. (But we won’t bring people to uncomfortable places. You’re always free to speak up.) The Upgrade! plays out half like a farce and half like an emo play.

If you want to know more, check out the game at: http://jeepen.org/games/upgrade/. (That said, don’t read too far into the characters. Some hold amusing surprises, and you don’t want those spoiled for you!)


July 5-7 | paizo.com/paizocon

As you might expect, I’ll be at PaizoCon. Like everyone else at Paizo, I’ll be around playing games, talking at panels, and generally floating around being useful. I’m running two games there:

Mythender (“Stab Odin in the Face”)
Sat 8a-1p

Looking to stab a god in the face? How about Odin? He’s a jerk who’s got it coming! In Mythender, you play awesome beings who go around ending the gods of Scandinavia, but all that power comes with a price: you might become a god, and then your friends will have to stab you in the face!

Fiasco: Dragon Slayers (“The Guy Ritchie Movie”)
Sat 8a-1p (though will certainly end earlier than that)

“The bumpkins in this lame mountain town could never have taken down that dragon. So yeah, we rode into town, a bunch of outsiders ready to solve that problem. That’s our dragon, and its gold is our gold, so keep your paws off!” This GM-less game plays out like a wacky Coen Brothers or Guy Ritchie movie, where you play adventurers with powerful ambition, poor impulse control, and a good chance that everything will go down in ruin!

And I’ll be doing some panels:

  • Behind the Scenes at Paizo Publishing (Fri 4p-5p)
  • Ask the GMs (Fri 5p-6p)
  • Editing in the RPG Industry (Fri 6p-7p)
  • Horror in RPGs (Fri 9p-10p)
  • Writing and Editing Workshop (Sat 1p-2p)

Gen Con

August 15-18 | gencon.com

I don’t know what my schedule will be like yet, but I do know that I’ll be working at the Paizo booth or around Pathfinder event areas throughout the show. I should be easy to spot: just look for the guy with the pink hair in the blue Paizo shirt (I’ll update this as I find out anything further regarding my Gen Con schedule.)


I hope to see you this summer!

– Ryan


4 Responses to 2013 Summer Conventions

  1. blackcoat says:

    Man, I keep forgetting about GPNW.

  2. blackcoat says:

    Also, are you going to make it to PAX do you think?

    • Ryan Macklin says:

      I’m waffling on PAX, so I’m not sure yet. Maybe if I can’t swing the plans I would rather do, I’ll hit up PAX.

      – Ryan