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Mythender Advancement Rules

Shortly after Mythender came out, a fan & I were conversing about a potential advancement mechanic.[1] Here’s the idea that I’ve settled on for how advancement can work in Mythender. First of, like everything else in Mythender, advancement is about becoming more awesome at the itty-bitty cost of your humanity. After you End of God

The Walking Eye on Mythender

The crew from The Walking Eye played and reviewed Mythender, and then interviewed me about it! Mythender Actual Play Character creation The intro battle Ending Thor Ending one of their fallen comrades (Note: they got a bunch of the rules wrong in the earlier episodes, which I then chimed in on comments to correct.) Mythender

Blackout Dates and Freelancing

Blackout Dates and Freelancing Something I realized recently: I need to start marking time when I won’t accept a deadline. I’ve had some that have made my live hell in the last couple years, thus the creation of what I call “blackout dates,” when a deadline will be problematic. My current blackout dates: All of

Play Everything

Play everything at least once. Play card games, board games, video games, roleplaying games, live-action games, ARGs, social games, every game you can get your hands on. Play a platformer today and a first-person shooter today. Grab some friends and try a story game, then sit down for some dungeon crawling next week. Don’t just

Perils of Coauthor Projects

So you and a friend have this idea, you keep geeking about it, and finally want to turn it into a project! Great! You’ve got someone who ideally has a similar vision as you, how’s hopefully as jazzed about it as you are. Unfortunately, this seemingly fun idea has a number of pitfalls, and more

My Father’s Day Lament

It’s Father’s Day this weekend in the US, and as I don’t have a father[1], it’s a weekend that I reflect on something that almost happened: a few years ago, I tried to be a father. Now, I’m glad it didn’t happen, because the would-be mother and I…well, it wouldn’t have been good for either