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Don’t Underestimate “New” Players

In yesterday’s #RPGChat Twitter conversation, someone brought up the idea that novice players can’t handle certain things[1]. I see this time and time again, and it pisses me off. Some of the best games I’ve played have been with people who were new to the hobby. When I see toxic pseudo-advice about how to treat

Thoughts on Language as Fashion

The idea that language is fashion comes up constantly, and a recent event brought it back into the nerdgeist: the creator of GIF, Steve Wilhite, receiving a lifetime achievement award. In that, Wilhite chimed in on his soap box: “The Oxford English Dictionary accepts both pronunciations,” Mr. Wilhite said. “They are wrong. It is a soft

Telling Players the Obvious

Last week at MisCon, one of the panels I was on was titled “Guerilla Warfare in RPGs.” How do you GM a resistance-based game where the PCs must fight a guerilla campaign against established, entrenched bad guys? Can they sleep safely in the woods at night, sustain themselves by hunting and gathering, and gain the

A Word Macro for Processing Plain Text

If you’re like me, sometimes you like to write in a plain text editor or on an iPad app, but the end result needs to be styled appropriately in Microsoft Word.[1] Here are some things I do when doing that: Search & replace all double spaces with single spaces. Replace all double-dashes (–) with em-dashes

My MisCon 27 schedule

Next weekend, I’ll be at MisCon 27 in Missoula, Montana, along with a couple of my cohorts from the Paizo office, Adam Daigle and John Compton. If you’re there, come check us out! Here’s what I’m on deck for. In addition to this, I’ll be around to play games, chat, drink, and I’ll even have

Two Small Text Layout Ideas

Working at Paizo for the last few months, there are two concepts I’ve picked up on that I’m applying to other books down the road. They’re not mind-blowing ideas, but because we’re all learning this ad hoc, some techniques only get discovered as you’re working with different professionals. Text Between Headers If you look at