A New Worlds Project

After reading this article on this guy’s amazing art project, I immediately wanted to contact the artist to see how much licensing the art would be. Because it would be amazing to make a book of worlds as a gaming resource. I mean, how can you not be inspired by something like this:

However, since I neither have the money nor the time for Yet Another Project, especially one with an out-of-pocket expense, I had another thought: make some blog posts. Which brings me to my point: of those different worlds, which one would you like to see me write up?

Ideally, next week I would pick one world a day and write for 15 minutes on what I think that world is. And I’m willing to be influenced by your thoughts on each world, so here’s what I ask:

  • Pick one or two of the images from the portfolio that look like planets, a star cluster, whatever. Use the image’s title to refer to it.
  • Tell me at most ten words about that place (for each place).

Here’s hoping I can get through five next week. This is a crunch week, which means both that I’m too busy for something like this and that I’ll need something like this in order to help my sanity.

– Ryan


12 Responses to A New Worlds Project

  1. Brian Engard says:

    Aberlour 103: Great Eye, rippling earth-storms.

  2. Jonathan R says:

    Macallan 103
    Glengoyne 134

    I would totally vote Laphroaig.

    • Jonathan R says:

      Macallan 103: blood hurricane, thrashing vitreous humor, surrounds oracular black retinal pit.

      Glengoyne 134: Lapis peaks, flush with Cherenkov radiation, on gigantic chrome continent.

  3. Veno says:

    glengoyne-134: Giant Turtle Island? Last bastion of land? Tropical Island campaign?
    Also, cool idea.

  4. Josh Rensch says:

    Balvenie 125

  5. Tracy says:

    Abelour 103, for sure.

  6. Ryan Macklin says:

    From Twitter: “Macallan 103 looks like a freaking supernova!”

  7. Jaym says:

    Balvenie Doublewood 101:An underwater world, warty with old lava flows.

    Clynelish 118: a gem-specimen of a world, popular for tourists.

  8. Clynelish 118: One spot open to sky to allow meteor shower view
    Glengoyne 117: No one told us the oceans would rise up

  9. Kristin says:

    glenlivet-146: beware the monster shark living in the water (look north)
    Balvenie Doublewood 101: ghosts!

  10. foolsmaks says:

    Specimen-Glenfiddich 15: Twin ocieanic planets, violent tides and storms.

    Specimen-Glengoyn 21: Nebula shrouded shadow planet of mysteries

  11. Yoshi says:

    Clynelish 101 – Motionless, the hunters looming shadow passes.