My NorWesCon 36 Panel Schedule

Going to NorWesCon 36? Want to hear me flap at the mouth? I’ll be there!

System Matters: The Right RPG for the Job

Friday 1:00 PM, Cascade 2

Like the invisible hand of fate, the rules you use weigh on every aspect of your game sometimes in ways you aren’t even aware of. Are you using the right tool for the job, or do you always use the same hammer for every task? You may be sabotaging your game before you even sit down at the table.

John Harper (M), Ben Robbins, Chris Pramas, Aveloc Twiceborn, Ryan Macklin

Creativity and Disabilities

Friday 6:00 PM, Cascade 13

Whether your problems are physical or psychological, there’s no denying that being creative and creating art is difficult to almost impossible when a disability stands in your way. Come learn how different artists and writers work with, past, or through their personal disabilities and limitations to create their art.

Lillian Cohen-Moore (M), Ellen Forney, Julie Baroh, Ryan Macklin

Gaming & Community

Friday 9:00 PM, Cascade 12

Game communities have grown beyond small game clubs, web forums and IRC as social networking has integrated with game companies and created even more game communities. Our panelists will discuss social networking and creating a positive community via chat tools, web forums, Twitter, Facebook, and third-party news or blogs.

Bob Kruger (M), Erik Mona, Ryan Macklin

D&D vs Story Games

Saturday 2:00 PM, Cascade 12

D&D and Pathfinder may be the most well-known role-playing games, but indie games like Fiasco and Polaris are becoming more popular. Can these two genres co-exist in the same room together? What do they have in common, and what are the benefits and limitations of each style of play? Is it possible to like both? Industry experts and indie creators discuss the differences between traditional tabletop role-playing games, GM-less story games, and everything in between.

Ashley Cook (M), Ben Robbins, Erik Mona, John Harper, Jonathan Tweet, Ryan Macklin


Friday through Sunday, wherever there is booze

You can also come drink with me and stuff! I’m happy to talk about whatever (barring real-world politics). Or maybe we’ll play a game of Hit a Dude. Whatever.

Ryan Macklin (M), other various humans

– Ryan


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  1. Jason Pitre says:

    Sounds awesome. I would be happy to take any raw audio recordings of those panels (other than BarCon) off your hands. I would edit them and toss them into the #RPGDesignPanelCasts feed.