End Cupid

Cupid is an asshole, and Mythenders will not abide Mythic assholes. This shitbag enslaves mortals in shackles of romance without regard for their true desires and free will. Fuck that noise. End Cupid!

Of course, to End Cupid, you’ll need stats for him.


Cupid is a more powerful lesser Myth, good for a middle battle on the way to Ending Venus. Start with the stats from the Fire Jotunn, page 217 in Mythender.


  • Arrows of gold and arrows of lead [Relic]
  • Horde of enslaved mortals [Companion]
  • Cunning that belies my childlike nature [Intrinsic]

(If you have ideas of other Weapons, chime in!)


As one of the six Gifts, Cupid has this custom one:

Sting of Devotion: When Cupid Wounds you, you must roll a single die. If that die is equal to or higher than your Corruption number, you gain one Corruption (but not one Fate). This has no effect on Mythenders with no Corruption or who have a Corruption track filled entirely.

For 2 Might, Cupid can increase your Corruption number by 1 on this roll. If you have no Corruption, you are still affected;  treat your Corruption number as 4.

Fuck Cupid. End him!

– Ryan


3 Responses to End Cupid

  1. Martin says:

    * Florists of the world [Companion]

  2. I was going to say Psyche [companion], but it now seems like she should be a minor Myth in her own right…

    Might have to do something about that.

    I also would love to stat the primordial version of his Greek counterpart.

    • Ryan Macklin says:

      Hmmm. Well, Myths having other Myths as companions works often enough that I don’t see anything wrong there. The question is: how would she Wound Mythenders? If you have an answer there, she’d totally work as a Weapon (or a separate Myth).

      – Ryan