Challenge: Presidental Mythenders

If you follow me on the Twitters, you know there’s this artist whose stuff I love and has Mythender inspiration written all over it. My love started with this Ben Franklin vs Zeus one:


There are many other presidents. My favs among those:

Andrew Jackson



Teddy Roosevelt

The Challenge

Stat this up as Mythenders, making true what you see in the images. What sort of Mythenders do you see when you see these Presidents of the United States of BADASSES? Feel free to make up new Hearts, Pasts and Fates.

– Ryan

Also, here’s another awesome Presidential Badass bits:


3 Responses to Challenge: Presidental Mythenders

  1. Chad Underkoffler says:

    OH SHIT. Just had a UA braingasm.

    When the Godwalker of the Badass President, Teddy Roosevelt Ascended to the Clergy, he kicked out the previous Archetype…

    Andrew Jackson, who passed through the House of Redemption and was reborn as…

    Richard Milhous Nixon.


  2. Chad Underkoffler says:

    Oh, and a little help for those playing Ryan’s requested home-game: