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Crowdfunding Tiers

Last week, Keith Senkowski wrote this brilliant piece on his discoveries regarding his Kickstarter campaign. I recommend you read all of it. There’s one bit that resonates with me: I first thought Kickstarter would be the venue to get funding to help me justify the time spent on a project like that. I was wrong.

Don’t Hate on Your Audience

I keep hearing this from various creators in very public spaces, and now I’m just going to get mouthy about it: don’t hate on your audience. I am sick of hearing “gamers/readers/viewers are dumb/annoying/entitled/etc.” If you’re one of those people, here are four possible solutions to your “problem:” Influence Your Audience to Change If you have

Challenge: Presidental Mythenders

If you follow me on the Twitters, you know there’s this artist whose stuff I love and has Mythender inspiration written all over it. My love started with this Ben Franklin vs Zeus one:   There are many other presidents. My favs among those: Andrew Jackson   FDR Teddy Roosevelt The Challenge Stat this up

End Cupid

Cupid is an asshole, and Mythenders will not abide Mythic assholes. This shitbag enslaves mortals in shackles of romance without regard for their true desires and free will. Fuck that noise. End Cupid! Of course, to End Cupid, you’ll need stats for him. Cupid Cupid is a more powerful lesser Myth, good for a middle battle

The Peril of Rich Character Creation Schemes

Creating rich, detailed characters with loads of back story is nothing new. It’s the lonely fun that many have written about, regarding character creation and back story as the last moment that a player has full autonomy with her character. However, what is relatively new is a game’s character creation scheme forcing elaborate back story

Making Assumptions about the Reader

I have heard a creator recently say “gamers are stupid.” And I have a real problem with that sort of contempt. That’s not where I come from, and maybe I’m an optimist, but I don’t assume that my audience is stupid or otherwise beneath me. Here’s what I do assume, and this goes into everything