Monthly Archives: January 2013

My Traditional Ending Toast

There’s a toast I came up with after we released Dresden Files RPG. It’s one I give every year at my now-traditional Gen Con Wednesday night dinner. It’s a two-parter: Here’s to being done. [Drink] Here’s to never really being done. [Drink] The idea is to celebrate that a moment in time is worth celebrating,

Your Mythender Experiences?

Hey, have you played Mythender? Would you like to share your experiences? I would love to hear them and, if it’s cool, post them on the Mythender website so that others can get an idea of how it plays and how it feels. Please share in the comments below, if you’re so inclined. Thanks! –

Mythender is Live!

I started this journey in Autumn of 2007. Five and a half years later, it’s fucking done. I’ll write more about it in the future, but this is the result of years of experimenting with designs, language, physical presentation, flying around the country talking and playing with gamers, reading dozens upon dozens of different games

Writing an Author Bio

Inspired by a tweet of lament from BioWare’s Ann Lemay, I thought I would help those who suffer writing bios out. I’ve had to write several, for anthologies, convention programs, websites, stuff like that. Here’s how I approach it. First of all, you need to know two things: The audience who will read your bio

Hacking Cortex

If you’ve been following social media yesterday and today, you may have already seen posts about the Cortex Plus Hackers Guide. Long-time fans know that a couple years ago, I posted my article on my blog: Hacking Stress[1]. Not only will the article be in the book, but the folks at MWP are letting me

Designing the Future Panel

On Saturday, January 19th, 2013, I’ll be on a panel broadcast on Google+ called Designing the Future. It’s part of an overall event that day for Indie+. Does designing science fiction roleplaying games present unique challengers for the writers? Are our predictions of the future more about the world of today than the world of