Mythender v1.01, Actual Play, and more!

Good news everybody![1]

Mythender Updated!

I’ve incorporated all the errata found in the last couple weeks into an updated Mythender book: v1.01.

Edit: I’ve put it up on DriveThruRPG. It’s still free, but there you’ll get notified (if you want) of updates, can review it if you like, etc.

Additional Stuff!

Thanks to a fantastic Mythender fan, Decivre, there’s a form-fillable Mythender playsheet & personal sheet!

And you can visit the download page to get some play aids: Battle in Brief, List of Gifts, Moments and Murder in Brief, and Mythmaster Key Techniques.

Actual Play!

My friends over at The Walking Eye have started their Mythender actual play sessions. They’ve recorded and released the character creation session, so if you’re curious, take a listen! (Note: this isn’t a tutorial, so some things mentioned aren’t explained or explained later, so you might be lost if you haven’t casually flipped through the book.)

Yay, Mythender!

– Ryan

[1] If you read that in a Farnsworth voice, you are my tribe.


7 Responses to Mythender v1.01, Actual Play, and more!

  1. Martin says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I’ll be playing (and mastering) Mythender for the first time in a couple of weeks, and I’d like some advice from you regarding duration & pacing.
    My friends and I like to play long nightly sessions and we got 8-10 hours time for this one (with a break for lunch). I’m trying to figure out how much battles I should plan for the session and how they should progress in difficulty, but without hands-on experience it is hard to estimate.

    At the moment, I’m thinking about splitting the sessions into to parts, handling it like a mini campaing with two sessions. The first part being basically Thorberge – tutorial battle, interlude, battle against one of the easier gods.
    Then, after the break, we do another 1-2 battles against lesser myths & interludes, followed by the final battle of the night against one of the harder boss gods.

    Do you think this structure would work, or do you have any better recommendations?

    • Ryan Macklin says:


      8-10 hours? Woah. I haven’t played in anything that’s lasted more than 5 hours in a very long time.

      You’ll run into two problems: mechanical pacing and creative exhaustion. The game’s geared to make you risk apotheosis in that second, god fight. The Mythenders can survive *if* they take opportunities to seek sympathy, but if not, they’re pretty much gone in fight two. Stretching it into three fights can work out, in which case I alter the rule slightly: don’t check for apotheosis until the last fight with the god. Instead, in the in-between fights, if someone has an apotheosis number checked, they must try to contain themselves lest they gain a Mythic Scar:

      * Roll a die for apotheosis, as normal
      * If the die is equal to or higher than the apotheosis number, the Mythender is Scarred: increase Permanent Corruption & Fate by one (but don’t increase actual Corruption & Fate unless that’s the only way to add a new permanent mark). Rewrite the Personal Blight to be more vicious and hardcore, either extending the idea in there or describing how it shifts into something completely different.

      As for the more problematic part, Mythender is in the vein of games that takes a constant creative energy to keep going. That can sustain for four to five hours, but after that, it gets tiring. The third battle may not sound as awesome as your second. You can fight this by taking a lengthy break in between, like so:

      * Intro, tutorial battle
      * Break
      * Mythenders’ Turn, middle battle with some Jotunn or something
      * Break
      * Mythenders’ Turn, final god battle

      I wouldn’t push it farther than that. You could do two sessions back to back, but it might be weird to have people play characters that feel weaker than they were a moment ago, since at the start of a new adventure the Mythenders are reset back down to their starting selves (except for any permanent changes).

      You could also start the session off with a movie or something to get everyone in the same mood. Like, put on 300 or some batshit-awesome anime and point out that the game does that. (FYI, in 300, there are only two Mythic-scale characters: Leonidas & Xerxes. Everyone else is a Weapon.)

      – Ryan

    • Martin says:

      Thanks for the advice, Ryan! I really like the idea of the Mythic Scar and will definitly use it.
      I think this is something you should put into the next version of the rules. The chapter about longer adventures was the only thing I found lacking, because it told me “add more battles”, but it didn’t tell me what this would do to the mechanical side (esp. escalation of corruption and fate) of the game.

      Regarding the long sessions – yeah, most of the time we only get the usual 3-5 hour sessions (because of work and such), but when all of us got the time at a weekend, we do this crazy long sessions. Our group tends to have a more slow-paced style with lots of character-interactions/discussions, so our games tend to take a longer anyway, so I’m not so worried about that. I know my guys and how to handle the drama part of the game, but I don’t have a feeling for the mechanical pacing, so your reply is very welcome.

      Btw, our group didn’t like the nordic setting, so we decided to do an indian take on Mythender. I think Kali works pretty well as a badass god to end! I’ll let you know how the game went. :)

    • Ryan Macklin says:


      I’m probably not actually writing another version of the rules. I’m just fixing typos and things like that. Rules will always be incomplete, by the nature of publishing, and I don’t want to screw with the pagination. (And if I updated the rules every time I had a new thought, I would never be finished! Nothing ca be both done and perfect.) That said, I might end up with having a few pages to fill if I need an even 16 pages for POD production.

      The rule I gave you was actually something I had in my head the day before, as I was chewing on how if I were to make The Mythic Now, I would want a somewhat slower-feeling Mythender game. So your question was brilliantly timed, as it caused me to write down what was vaguely in my head.

      I hope you enjoy the game! I’ll admit that I get bored with Mythic Norden at times, too. I really enjoyed one game where we went to End Poseidon and went to Atlantis to do so — in fact, that’s the one time I got to actually play as a Mythender rather than a Mythmaster.

      – Ryan

  2. Shelby "D.J." Babb says:

    I hate to be one of those people demanding “more, more, more”, but is there any chance we could buy a POD version through Lulu? I love the game, but I love print better. (and POD via DriveThru isn’t as good as Lulu)

    Anyway, thanks for the game!

    • Ryan Macklin says:


      Enough people have asked that I’m looking into this, though not until I process the rest of the errata. I certainly wouldn’t promise anything to happen before March. And unfortunately, to make it cheap, the red in the book will end up being some grayscale.

      – Ryan

  3. Shelby "D.J." Babb says:

    Glad to hear it, and take your time! It’ll give me time to save up my pennies.