My Traditional Ending Toast

There’s a toast I came up with after we released Dresden Files RPG. It’s one I give every year at my now-traditional Gen Con Wednesday night dinner. It’s a two-parter:

Here’s to being done. [Drink]

Here’s to never really being done. [Drink]

The idea is to celebrate that a moment in time is worth celebrating, that projects and periods of time in our lives can and should be “done” — whatever that means to the situation — but that we aren’t done creating and we aren’t done living. That being done with something isn’t to be done with life.

Most of the time, this is an acknowledgement that the sort of people who make games and novels and stuff are never far from another idea or project, but it also can have a mental health component: that we shouldn’t check out once we’ve achieved something, neither due to depression causing us to sink back down in that weird post-project low, nor due to choosing a project as a point in time where right after you can commit suicide.

Which, if I’m being brutally honest, and that’s what this blog is sometimes for, was what I considered Mythender to be for some time. (Until I started getting medicated in late 2010 and stopped self-medicating the pain with alcohol.)

So regardless of the sentiment being about the eternal life of an artist and producer or about continuing against a struggle of mental health, let me offer this to you:

Macklin Cheers

Here’s to being done.
Here’s to never really being done.

– Ryan

(Scotch: The Glenrothes / Glass from: Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban gift set / Bathroom: Star Trek Scotty)


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