Hacking Cortex

If you’ve been following social media yesterday and today, you may have already seen posts about the Cortex Plus Hackers Guide.

Long-time fans know that a couple years ago, I posted my article on my blog: Hacking Stress[1]. Not only will the article be in the book, but the folks at MWP are letting me keep it on my blog to show people what sort of content we’re talking about. (Naturally, what’ll be in the book will be polished and editing, by the esteemed Dave Chalker & Phil Menard.)

If all I were to say is “hey, there’s cool shit in this book,” that would be enough I’d hope for any Cortex Plus fan. But there’s another piece to this campaign that is…just damned right. I’ve been involved with some Kickstarter projects as support staff (mostly editing), and have thought that rather than a flat rate, I should ask for a small percentage of the Kickstarter — after all, I’m effectively being asked not just to be an editor, I’m also asked to be a marketing force.

And that’s exactly what MWP has planned for us. Which, when I read that in the initial email I got, surprised me — it’s rare I see publishers offer such incentives.[2] Here’s the text from the Kickstarter:

By supporting this project, you will also be supporting all the creatives (authors, designers, developers, editors – past, present and future) who contribute to it. How’s that you ask? Simple. After costs are subtracted, creatives will receive half of all net profits, divided up amongst each individual based on how much they contributed to the book.

So, when you contribute to the funding, you’re actually contributing to the 21 writers, 2 editors, 1 developer, and the untold-because-I-don’t-know number of people involved with the art & layout. If you’re one of those people, then thank you. Ideas like these — hackers guides for games and profit-sharing in crowdfunding campaigns — should be rewarded. They should flourish.

Hack on, my friends,

– Ryan

[1] Which helped Will Hindmarch’s Always/Never/Now, and that made my heart smile as I am a huge fan of Will’s work.

[2] Josh Roby did for the first Vicious Crucible, after we well hit over our mark. I actually got 3.3cents/word on that project, which is the most I’ve been paid per word for editing in gaming.


2 Responses to Hacking Cortex

  1. Dave T. Game says:

    Thanks Ryan! I hope to be able to announce news on the art & layout front soon as well, since it’s someone whose work is really great (hate to be a tease, but things aren’t finalized yet… OK, I also mean to be a tease.)

    I hope profit-sharing for this kind of thing takes off as well. Seems like a win-win: more profit for the contributors, and, to be totally frank, more people who are working to advertise your Kickstarter.

  2. JDCorley says:

    This profit-sharing idea is excellent…I’m glad kickstarter folks are starting to see that in addition to other advantages, crowdfunding might be a passage out of the “.0002 cents per 1,000 words” that RPG creating seems to pay. We can always hope.