Monthly Archives: January 2013

Tips for Early Morning Travel

Sometimes, you’ve got to get up beyond early to get to the airport. As someone on the West Coast who flies back east for things like Gen Con, I have a choice between catching the earliest flight in the day and actually getting some relaxation time when I land, or catching a later flight and

Mythender v1.01, Actual Play, and more!

Good news everybody![1] Mythender Updated! I’ve incorporated all the errata found in the last couple weeks into an updated Mythender book: v1.01. Edit: I’ve put it up on DriveThruRPG. It’s still free, but there you’ll get notified (if you want) of updates, can review it if you like, etc. Additional Stuff! Thanks to a fantastic

Final Push for Fate Core

If you haven’t checked out the Fate Core Kickstarter campaign, it’s got a few hours to go. And I have three reasons that I think you should back this if you like RPGs: (1) From a design standpoint, the major and most of the minor changes in Fate came from weeks of conversations and debates

Hangout on Mental Health

I’m doing an Important (to me and hopefully others) Thing this coming weekend: I’m going to talk with Philippe-Antoine Menard about my struggle with mental health. This is something I’m passionate about, which anyone who knows me well or follows me quickly discovers. We did a panel at Gen Con, which…really, I should just have you

Thoughts on Choice Paralysis

Many years ago, I played Spycraft. I loved the first edition, and when Spycraft 2.0 came out, I snapped it up. And promptly never played Spycraft again, and not because I stopped loving the idea. See, there were somewhere around a hundred little dials the GM could tweak for any given campaign, and many of

The Halfling Experiment

Early last year, I proposed a little project with my good friend Andrew Linstrom, about an RPG setting revolving around new halfling nation, one that a generation ago won its freedom against an oppressive human population…only to inherit wars the humans starting in this land against orcs and dragonkind. The high concept is “Halfling Israel