Mythender December Update

I’ve received a number of queries about Mythender lately, many from Twitter, so here’s an update.

The original projection of “sometime in October” didn’t take into account getting a full-time job with a commute. I typically have around three hours after work to do things, and sometimes during my lunch (when what I can work on is compartmentalized enough to not consume my brain after-lunch and leave me less useful for my real job). Lately, those hours have been going toward freelance contracts, namely working on the Mage Technocracy line.

I do get some Mythender time in, but Mythender’s publisher (me) has a much more flexible release schedule than Onyx Path. One of the joys of being indie, I guess. :)

In any case, I’m planning to be done with Mythender in January. And really, I want to be done — between than and being far behind on Master Plan because of multiple freelance clients, I’m feeling a lot of pressure. So things being done is awesome.

For those who have the game via the Random Kindness Encounter, here’s my final, revised Gifts list:


(Major thing to note: the Brutal upgrade for Relentlessness has been removed, so the various gods will need a Gift to replace that. Also, One More Breath got a bit crazier and Swiftness is finally fixed.)

And for those waiting for their RKE specials, first Mythender needs to be done. :)

– Ryan


One Response to Mythender December Update

  1. Andy says:

    Job! Congrats!

    It’s good to get an update on Mythender. I’ve been dying to know what was up with it, but I figured that you had a good reason for the delay, so I didn’t want to be That Guy pestering you about a highly good-looking game which will be coming out as a freebie.

    Keep at it, whatever timetable you’re on!