Folks I Admire: Logan Bonner

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Folks I Admire post. Today, I want to talk about Logan Bonner (who is sitting behind me right now, unaware I am composing this). He’s my officemate at Paizo,one of the half-dozen full-time editors here. I had the pleasure of working with him when he edited the Hit a Dude World Players’ Guide. And for the two years I’ve known him, he’s been someone I can call a good friend.

I respect the hell out of Logan’s creative capacity in game design and in visual design. He doesn’t do as much art as he does other things, but don’t let that fool you — guy’s a good artist. He’s prototyped some neat, well-themed board and roleplaying games. And if you haven’t checked out his Refuge in Audacity (which you should, and it’s free, though he deserves money), please do — it combines Synnibar absurdness, fully aware of itself, with some interesting theme mechanics that push that ridiculous play.

I don’t think he believes me when I call it genius. But it totally is. Try it for yourself.

Beyond that, though, he’s a genuinely kind, decent human being. He’s a reminder that perhaps we should not be dicks to one another, but with a sense of sarcastic and well-timed humor that makes him a awesome to be around.

I’m not the only one who respects the hell out of Logan. Some other friends in the creative community:

Dave Chalker:

Logan’s one of those folks that I’m very fortunate to have enjoyed and admired his RPG work even before meeting him, and then later, getting to collaborate with him on Critical Hits. Refuge in Audacity is inspired madness and continues to draw interest, and I hold out hope that it will be turned into a deluxe, foil-covered volume some day. He has multiple game designs of his I have playtested that I hope become real releases next year. Also, he’s one of the few people who gets my Futureheads jokes.

Will Hindmarch:

Logan Bonner combines a thoughtful nature with a quick wit in a way I find astonishing and confounding. He’s always considerate, suggesting he’s taking the time to consider your feelings, but he’s so swift with support, enthusiasm, or a joke that it sort of frightens me to realize how fast his mind must work.

Logan writes. Logan edits. Logan designs. Logan draws, inks, and colors. Dammit, Logan does it all. One day that guy’ll be standing on the balcony of the house his skills built, and we’ll stand in the foyer raising our glasses and meaning it and he’ll still be all modest, with that straight-backed posture, making a well-timed callback to the night’s first gag and we’ll all laugh and remember that Logan hasn’t changed a bit—he’s still the mensch who does it all.

Logan has this intuitive sense of how tropes combine to form larger works that makes him a great improviser during RPG play. He develops compelling characters and challenges that blend essential touchstones with vivid details that help game worlds come alive in a flash—and he has the bravery to commit to the bit, whether it’s funny or sad. It’s just great fun to watch him work.

Was it Logan who introduced me to The Builders and the Butchers? I’m pretty sure it was. They’re in my headphones right now. Thanks for that, Logan.

Here’s to Logan Bonner. May he create more wondrous things. May he continue to remind us all to be better people.

– Ryan


5 Responses to Folks I Admire: Logan Bonner

  1. Dan H. says:

    Logan is one of the most creative, friendly, interesting, intelligent, and fun people I’ve ever met. We insult each other regularly, and we don’t see eye to eye on some issues, but I respect him immensely. I’m very glad for our association and doubly glad for our friendship.

  2. Wil Wheaton says:

    Logan is the best Dancebot 9000 in the ‘verse, and I’m almost as lucky to play in his games as I am to be his friend.

  3. John Harper says:

    Not only does Logan have a spectacular beard, he is also the best hugger on Earth. Also, Ryan’s right: Refuge in Audacity is genius.

  4. GeekyLyndsay says:

    Logan is a fantastic friend. He responds thoughtfully to your words and is always quick with a joke and enthusiastic about what he likes.

    But one time he made me go to TGI Fridays. I’ll forgive him though, because the rest of him is awesome.

  5. Nathan Burgess says:

    I knew Logan in college and he was just as awesome then. In addition to playing many games together, he was in a play I directed. For a guy who wasn’t trying to make a career out of stage acting, was better at it than most of the theatre department. Plus, he provided his own costume. Talk about multi-talented.

    Also, he had the exact same beard in those days. Legend says he was born with it, and it is the source of his power.