Editor Blogs

A number of my friends and fellow editors have blogs where they talk about the process of editing and creating games & texts. They’re worth reading and following, as people and as editors.

Amanda Valentine

Amanda is one of my favorite people, and I’ve learned a lot about editing while working with her on Dresden Files RPG. She blogs about the process, being a parent, and general life stuff. Along with that, she reviews books for tweens at reads4tweens.com.

ayvalentine.com | @ayvalentine

Jessica Banks

Jess is one editor I haven’t yet had the pleasure of working with, but hope to at some point (and that hasn’t stopped me from recommending her to others). Much as Amanda does, Jess blogs about parenting, human rights activism, and life in general. She’s and her oldest child are autistic, and is open about that — very much a part of that parenting online community.

profbanks.com | @profbanks

John Adamus

John’s a rising star in game editing, though he’s been an editor in other capacities professionally for quite some time. He frequently blogs about the editing process and how writers can get more out of working with an editor and working in general. He hosts panels and workshops, and much like I do, occasionally talks about mental health struggles and how they intermix in the process.

writernextdoor.blogspot.com | @awesome_john

BookLife Now & InkPunks

Several of my friends write & edit for BookLife Now, either as staff or as guests. (I’ve even written for them.) That and it’s sort-of sister site InkPunks (sister because of the amount of staff crossover) cover a wide range of creative professional and amateur topics. Most of that focuses on fiction, but don’t let that stop you from visiting in order to learning how to make a better game.

booklifenow.com | inkpunks.com


What other blogs do you follow to get more about the editing process?

– Ryan