Monthly Archives: December 2012

“Don’t Do It”

I’ve heard this time and time again, and have even said it a few times — when a curious person expresses interest in whatever industry or profession someone else is in, you’ll hear “Don’t do it.” I’ve said this often during my software development career and occasionally say it over drinks if someone asks me

Folks I Admire: Logan Bonner

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Folks I Admire post. Today, I want to talk about Logan Bonner (who is sitting behind me right now, unaware I am composing this). He’s my officemate at Paizo,one of the half-dozen full-time editors here. I had the pleasure of working with him when he edited the

Building on Mistakes

I’ve been thinking about what to post that’s apocalypse-themed, and realized that there’s something meta to comment on: When people said that today would be the end of the world, they made a mistake. That part’s obvious. (And if it’s not, uh, I don’t know what to tell you.) However, something more is going on.

Explain Our Hobby

Last week, a new roommate moved in. He asked me what I do, and I said “I make roleplaying games.” He responded that he hasn’t had time to play “those sort of video games” for quite some time. Naturally, I corrected and said that I do the tabletop stuff (though occasionally I work on video

New Mobile Writing Setup

Around a year ago, I wrote about my mobile writing setup, where I equipped my iPad with other gear. I’ve recently updated that, so I thought I would share the new one with y’all. First of all, badness: I lost my Apple keyboard and Origami case back in April. That caused me to look for

Open Loops

Early in David Allen’s Getting Things Done[1], his well-received book on productivity, he talks about “open loops.” The idea has resonated with me ever since reading that. Here’s a good link that talks about this idea (with further references), though I’ll bring up some of the highlights. An open loop is something that is on our minds, something