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Owning Your Narrative

This will be a short post, just a note of dissatisfaction. Those who follow me know that I’m mouthy about freelancers getting screwed — screwed out of contracts, screwed out of pay, screwed out of rights, and the general sense that we get screwed out of basics like health care in the US.[1] But there’s

The Difficulty of Science Fiction RPGs

At NorWesCon last year, I was on a panel about the future of gaming. At that panel, someone asked “where are all the sci-fi games?” Some of my fellow panelists said “they haven’t been any for a bit,” to where I corrected. In the last couple or so years, we’ve had: Bulldogs! Diaspora Ashen Stars

Bad Phrases in Writing, Round 1

When I’m working with writers, I find a number of phrases that I immediately strike because, to be frank, they’re bad phrases. Some just take up unnecessary space on the page and time if read aloud. Others are subtly insulting. And in all cases, they don’t actually add to what’s being said. The following is

On Over-Promising

Maybe you’re going to be late on a draft, so you promise to make the next phase of the project your ultimate priority and turn it around faster. Or you’re about to announce being late on a Kickstarter, and you want to soften the blow by offering more material. These are two examples of over-promising. It’s

Psychopaths & Phylacteries: Classes

Yesterday, I put out a silly idea for a game name: Psychopaths & Phylacteries. Apparently I’m making a few notes about this game now, namely the following. And I need your help. When you make a character, you roll a d% to determine your class. When you level, you roll a d% and add that class

Avoiding “But” in Critiques

My friend Paul Tevis is smart. Here’s a bit from him a couple years ago that I continue to think about: I am very attuned to my use of the word “but.” I took a class last year that pointed out to me that when we heard the word “but” in the middle of a