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Spirit of the Enterprise

I’ve been watching the run of Star Trek: Enterprise for the last little bit, as I didn’t really watch it when it originally aired. Last night I watched “Vox Sola” (season 1, episode 22), and there was a scene that smacked me in the face: the tactical officer invents force field technology. Seriously, the guy whose

Convention Book: New World Order is live!

My friends, I have a badass announcement: Convention Book: New World Order is live! I’m exceedingly[1] jazzed about this book. Very proud. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have made an imprint on one of my childhood loves. Not that I’m done. We’re working on Progenitors now, and I have a document

Bad Phrases in Writing 2: Adverbs!

To follow from last time I did this, let’s talk about words to strike from writing. Many writing books worth their salt will tell you to kill adverbs, and with good reason: they make it easy to suck as a writer, as they open the door to laziness. Let’s go with a few to illustrate:

Mobile Games and Satisfaction

I play a bunch of different iOS games, often while I’m outside enjoying my pipe. So when someone tells me about a new game that’s up my alley — logic or physics puzzles, games with RPG elements, and so on — I give ’em a try. Here are a few short personal reactions to games

Reasons to Question Whether to Crowdfund

There was a great G+ post from Epidiah Ravachol this past weekend about crowdfunding[1] that started with: As a producer, I’m in love with crowd-funding. As a consumer, I might hate it. And from there, talk about how some people didn’t see a reason to not crowdfund as a producer. Now, having crowdfunded something[2] and

A Short Breakdown of Magic Systems

This little idea popped into my head, as I was thinking about various ways that we’ve seen magic done in fantasy games, and why those mechanics exist. I wanted to take a few minutes to write some thoughts down as they gel in my head. Vancian Magic The magic where you do something and then