Writing Experiment Day 4

Writing Experiment Day #4: usurpationgreylouche

See rules and word list at this post. If you want to play along, comment with a link to yours below (please don’t paste the entirety of yours; links only).

The man called himself “Mouser.” I read some Leiber when I was a kid and the moniker fit, more or less. He was dashing, handsome, decent with a knife. But he was also a sociopath — would as soon help you as kill you if there was money in it either way.

So no one was surprised when Mouser handed the Duke his assassin’s head in a box and proclaimed that his resume for the newly vacant position.

Mouser, Assassin of Duke Hochmirth

High Concept: Infamous Assassin
Trouble:  Past is catching up to me
Other Aspects: Mind of an Encyclopedia, People are Opportunities, Former Son of the Dragon, Delia

Noteworthy Skills: Stealth (Superb), Weapons (Great), Burglary (Great), Alertness (Good), Poisons (Good), Deceit (Good)

Noteworthy Stunt: Master of the Shadows (+2 to Stealth when hiding in the deep shadows of the dark/night)

Mouser is the sort of character you can throw into a game when the PCs are about to get up in some noble’s business. He’s not without plot hooks, should he or they not just outright kill one another; he used to be in The Dragons, a notorious crime syndicate, elevated high enough to be considered a Son (a trusted lieutenant & advisor). Naturally, he’s marked for death, and they have let slip his identity & whereabouts to those he’s wronged in the past.

He’s hard, but not without heart. He supports his adopted niece, Delia, from afar — hoping that no one discovers her. She is ill, and needs to go to a special and very expensive school in order to cope with her disabilities. (Think Vic Mackey from the Shield doing horrible things to support his autistic kids.)

I didn’t have time to do this before heading in the office today, so here’s an afternoon post. I decided to try making a Fate character rather than a story.

– Ryan