Writing Experiment Day #3

Writing Experiment Day #3: decimatetractatelitany

See rules and word list at this post. If you want to play along, comment with a link to yours below (please don’t paste the entirety of yours; links only).

They sang. Dear gods, did they sing, their prayers echoing in the heavens.

I didn’t have long to find Hector’s paper. He knew about these beings. He knew about them, and we didn’t listen. And now he’s dead, because we didn’t listen.

“You won’t die in vain, old friend,” I muttered as I ran to his study.

The door was already open. An alabaster man was sitting at the desk, chuckling as he read Hector’s work.

“Hello, brother,” he said as he looked up at me.

“I am no brother of yours!” I pulled my gun and shot him.

As the man fell to the ground, he murmured something. The desk burst into flames. I grabbed what was left of Hector’s work and ran.

“I’ll show you bastards the power of prayer,” he shouted as I fled the house.

This is definitely the weakest of what I’ve written so far, and I was stumped for a good chunk of my allotted time. “Decimate” worked in my head as this character’s motivator, to stop that. And the “tractate” element feels meh, just thrown in. But, that’s what you get sometimes with just fifteen minutres of thinking & writing.

– Ryan