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The Power of Names & Icons

I tweeted yesterday that, with respect to its design, Apocalypse World is like an onion: there are many layers, and when you peel one back there’s more. (Sometimes there are alsy tears? The analogy is getting away from me now.) One of the early layers is that it’s a refinement of Otherkind Dice, and that

How to Be A Bad Kickstarter-er

(Okay, so “Kickstarter-er” is a crap word, but like all things it life, it’s a work in progress.) This morning, I woke up to a new follower on Twitter (as happens) and a mention to me. The first time someone has spammed me about their RPG Kickstarter. I wasn’t the only one to get that

On Rushing to Publish

I feel like I’ve said this a lot, but it’s time to say it again: If you rush to publish for Gen Con, Origins, or in general, and you don’t have much experience at publishing games, you’re asking for a distaster and do not respect your audience.[1] That might sound like hyperbole, so let me

How to Deliver Digital Rewards

Recently, some folks behind a Kickstarter I backed released the PDF of the game to their backers. Unfortunately, they did so with a very ill-advised method: emailing the game to each backer as an attachment. When you have several hundred people you need to get a file to, using email to send attachments to all

A Primer on Working With Me

It occurred to me recently to write this somewhere public, where I can just point to it (and update when necessary). This primer is mainly for people new to working this sort of creative process, and prone to having emotional reactions to edits. A Primer on Hiring Me as your Editor Hi! I’m Ryan, and

On RPG Introduction Text

Introductions are hard to do. Believe me, I know. And I see bad ones all the time. Here are a few things to think about when crafting your introduction: Tell me why I should care. Your introduction should sell me on the experience your game wants to provide. Make me promises. Get me all excited. Show