Gritty Fate Variant

I’ve been thinking for a few months on how to modify Fate to be a bit less pulpy for games whose mood needs that dial turned significantly down. For the Fate-heads out there also pondering this, I put forth the following for use and comment.

If you want your Fate game to feel even grittier, remove the invocation advantage of taking a +2 to your roll. When invocations become only good for rerolls and triggering certain stunts, the game’s play will be less pulpy and harder on characters.

If that feels too harsh, only allow one +2 benefit per roll.

Either way, you can allow +2 benefits for characters if they take a stunt specifically linked to a skill, such as:

Guns Paragon

You are an incredible masters of guns. With this stunt, you can use invocations twice per roll for the +2 benefit. (Or an additional two times, if you can already do it once.)

– Ryan


5 Responses to Gritty Fate Variant

  1. John Powell says:

    Other ideas:

    1. Roll only 3dF.
    2. Players roll 4dF, but the GM never rolls.
    3. No Stress tracks – damage goes straight to Consequences.

  2. Mike Olson says:

    I like the way it creates bounded accuracy for most, but lets specialists circumvent that by using aspects in a way non-specialists can’t. So I’d stick to a rerolls-only scheme, barring a stunt that says otherwise. I also like how it puts a hard limit on the bonus a PC will have on a roll without spending a fate point — no more “+5 with guns, but +7 with these guns” business.

    I take it you haven’t tried this out yourself yet?

    • Ryan Macklin says:

      Not yet. With moving and everything, I haven’t found time to draft playtesters for stuff.

      – Ryan

  3. Brian Engard says:

    Interesting idea. It may well be what I’m looking for to give The Demolished Ones a grittier feel.