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Words for Writing Experiment

Words from the call for them: louche penguin decimate reciprocity stupendous pneumatic flask night isolation tractate javelina ciborium rain supple susurrus effigy comfort grey platypus twinkle Appalachian flabbergasted dirigible litany geranium carnal toenail abstract crepuscular banjo anxiety grip sanguine troublesome actinic usurpation boy symphony moist orichalcum The rules are: I will randomly choose three each

Need Words!

Hey, gang! I’ve got this notion of turning every weekday morning next week into a writing exercise, where I’ll spend 15 minutes writing something — anything — based on three randomly rolled words. Maybe some fiction, or some gaming stuff, whatever. Thing is, I’d like some words from y’all for this experiment. Please comment with

The Danger of Content Stretch Goals

“Time is money.” We’re all well aware of the adage, to where the point of it being a cliche. But there’s truth to it, and it’s a truth you need to understand if you’re going to get into the crowdfunding business. Because if you’re not careful, you’ll do something really, really hellish. This is an

Generating a Sci-Fi Race Dynamic

This is an old idea from a Story Games thread lost in time[1], but it’s stuck in my mind for the past few years. Building from yesterday’s post about cliques, you could do the same thing to flesh out sci-fi races. The following is a “half-idea“, left to you, the reader, to fully form if

Cliques as Character Creation

If you’re running a game where personal identity struggles are a key part of the characters’ world, like high school (or any school), you’ve got a fantastic opportunity to add depth to character relationships by looking at them through the lens of cliques. High school cliques are about social status, and social status is something

Handy Self-Editing Aid

My good friend, romance and erotica author & editor Sascha Illyvich, pointed out this cool tool to me a few months back. I’ve since used it on RPG projects, including the upcoming New World Order book, to help me out. But here I am, burying the lede[1]. Pro Writing Aid’s free editing web app allows you to