Monthly Archives: August 2012

The Whiff Factor

Some tweets yesterday made me think about the “whiff factor” thing again. In short, it tends to suck, and shows RPG’s wargaming roots. Where it comes from In wargaming, every moment is of risk followed with opportunity cost. If you miss a roll to hit the other guy, that’s part of the design: you risked

Advice on Duotone Printing?

Fellow publishers and people who just plain know more than me: I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a print version of Mythender for sale, since people keep asking for it. But, there’s one catch: it uses a bit of color. One color, dark red (CMYK: 0, 100, 100, 50). That’s for chapter titles,

Kickstarter: Patronage or Pre-order?

There’s some heavy stuff going on regarding Kickstater’s recent change to prohibit bulk quantities, which you can read one take on by Fred Hicks and another take by Gareth-Michael Skarka. That’s not the thing I want to talk about, although it’s dancing around a core issue with Kickstarter: is it a place for patronage or

Mythender RKE-edition Errata

[Note: since Mythender’s public release, this page has been deprecated. Some of the errata doesn’t apply anymore, and what does has been incorporated into the book.] I’ve announced on Twitter (where I announce everything) that Josh Roby handed me some edits for Mythender. I’ll be processing them after Gen Con & PAX[1], but since I