Mythender RKE-edition Errata

[Note: since Mythender’s public release, this page has been deprecated. Some of the errata doesn’t apply anymore, and what does has been incorporated into the book.]

I’ve announced on Twitter (where I announce everything) that Josh Roby handed me some edits for Mythender. I’ll be processing them after Gen Con & PAX[1], but since I know some people will be running it at Gen Con and maybe PAX, here’s a post of errata from the Random Kindness Encounter edition.

Yes, it’ll only apply to the 550 or so of you with the book. :)

  • Mythender Death & coming back:
    • To be clear on Mythenders coming back from death: you can chose to the moment you die or you can wait until your next turn to come back.
    • Instead of the rule there on Thunder equal to your Fate checks, just gain Thunder based on the starting Thunder rules, as though you’re entering battle again. That’s simpler.
  • Errata on Gifts:
    • One More Breath: it costs 1 Might to use the basic ability, not 2. And you can rotate a die more than once, at a cost of once per rotation.
    • Swiftness is now a Myth-only Gift. Seriously, that just makes the game faster and more dangerous. (And all the upgrades are meaningless, so removed.)
    • Since Swiftness is a Myth-only Gift now, the Commander’s first Gift is Dual Wield. It costs 1 Might.
  • Myths
    • Double every Myth’s Might Recharge, for Lesser and Greater Myths. (I’ll finesse the numbers later, but that’s where I’m starting).

Oh, and an update: the public edition should be out around October, after I have time to process the many edits from Josh, some of which are heavy reorganization tasks.

– Ryan

[1] And I’m still pondering the merit of a printed book with art.


4 Responses to Mythender RKE-edition Errata

  1. FWIW, a printed book with art would be EPIC!

    • Ryan Macklin says:

      As might its cost. :) I kid, but the thing about a printed book is artwork and getting a decent rate on duotone printing.

      – Ryan

  2. :) I was going to add a 2nd sentence there saying just that, but I wouldn’t have been telling you anything you didn’t already know.

    Also, complete tangent: Is the note with the links below the comment window a new thing? I’d never noticed it before. Good advice, that.

  3. Robert says:

    *struggles to wait patiently*