Call for Mythender Playtest Credits

Mythender Update

I estimate the final, public version of Mythender to be delivered to all you fabulous humans in October of this year. I don’t know if that’s early or late October yet, so don’t assume October 1st. :)

Call for Playtest Credits

As such, I want to make sure everyone who playtested the game is credited. If you played Mythender before Gen Con 2012, check to see if (a) your name is below and (b) it’s spelled right/credited as you’d like it. You have until September 17th to let me know, and let me know by commenting to this post.

Hopefully that being bold will help those who tl;dr posts :)

The current list, in non-especially alphabetical order:

Brendan Adkins, John Aegard, M.T. Ahern, Brandon Amancio, Laura Anderson, Timothy Applegate, Albert Andersen, Fabien Badilla, Leonard Balsera, Doug Bartlett, Dane Black, David Black, Logan Bonner, Jennifer Brozek, Mick Bradley, Raymond Brandle, Jarrod Brenden, Ted Cabeen, Twyla Campbell, Timothy Carroll, Lillian Cohen-Moore, Jesse Coombs, Keith Dalzell, Michael Daugherty, Buddha Davis, DeWitt Davis, Jen Dixon, Rob Donoghue, Tony Dowler, David Ross Drake, Adam Dray, Morgan Ellis, E Foley, David Gallo, Amy Garcia, Matthew Gandy, Steven Grady, Christian Griffen, Chris Hanrahan, Will Huggins, Aaron Enriquez, Adam Enriquez, Robert Fulkerson, Alicia Hansen, John Harper, Matt Heller, Shawn Helmueller, Fred Hicks, David Hill, Will Hindmarch, Josh Hoade, Ben Hutchings, Shane Jackson, Colin Jessup, Jeremy Keller, John Kim, Mike LaFave, Nora Last, Sage LaTorra, Vernon Lingley, Andrew Linstrom, Jason Lorenzetti, Joe Mcdaldno, Lesley McKeever, Nancy McKeown, Jeff Meaders, David Moore, Colin Mulkerin, Lukas Myhan, Garret Narjes, Chris Norwood, Duane O’Brien, Michael O’Sullivan, Michael Parker, Jeff Pedersen, Chris Perrin, Roy Pollock, Josh Rensch, Melissa Rensch, James Ritter, Paul Riddle, Will Robot, Josh Roby, Rich Rogers, Rustyn Sa, Lon Sarver, Mickey Schultz, Daniel Solis, Justin Smith, Eric Spell, Jill Stapleton, John Stavropoulos, Allan Sugarbaker, Brennan Taylor, Jackson Tegu, Paul Tevis, Jeff Tidball, Jeremy Tidwell, Remi Treuer, Gil Trevizio, Matt Troedson, Chad Underkoffler, Amanda Valentine, Clark Valentine, Alex Vasquez, Mark Wagner, Jonathan Walton, Ogre Whiteside, David Worth, Filamena Young, Jessica Banks, Adam Minnie, Dan “Fred” Debace, Mark DiPasquale

I know some names aren’t on here — they’re in notes, and I’m moving, so there’s no guarantee that I’ll find said notes in time.

If you’ve GMed Mythender, please let me know so I can put a star by your name. And let me know your players, if you can. Or direct them here.

Thanks, all of you! You guys have my Mythic Heart.

– Ryan

P.S. While I appreciate congratulations or cheers of encouragement, etc., please leave them on Twitter/Facebook/G+ or wherever. To keep this post useful to me later, I’ll delete all non-pertinent replies. Thanks!


11 Responses to Call for Mythender Playtest Credits

  1. Hans Chung-Otterson says:

    Playtested at GPNW ’12: Hans Chung-Otterson

  2. Nancy says:

    Mine looks good and so does Albert’s!

  3. Flavio Mortarino says:

    I GMed on two different occasions and my players were:
    Luca Ricci, Lavinia Fantini, Mario Bolzoni, Sonia Grossi, Paolo Bosi, Massimiliano Degli Uberti.

  4. Kit says:

    Technically, I have run it before Gen Con 2012! But not played-as-a-mythender.

  5. David says:

    Me: David Black (GM, on list, correctly spelled)
    Players (missing from above list): David Green, Peter Ciccolo, J Li, Sarah Terman

  6. Ben Wray says:

    I played it in Brendan Adkin’s game at GPNW this year. Looking forward to the pdf!

  7. Matt Troedson says:

    It’s right. Cheers.

  8. Chad Underkoffler says:

    Oll Korrect.

  9. Darin Shepit says:

    I also played in Brendan Adkin’s game at GPNW 2012: Darin Shepit

  10. Garret Narjes says:

    From my second session (you’ve got the ones from my first one already)

    Beau Olson
    James Roberts
    Scott Nutzmann

  11. Robert Phelps says:

    Played Mythender at Gen Con 2012, and had a wonderful time playing! Looking forward to the final PDF so I can finally run Mythender for my players.