My PAX 2012 Schedule

Now that I’m back from Gen Con, PAX is upon us! Here’s my (rather short & pleasant schedule):

The Art of the Table II: Return to the Table

Friday 9pm — Raven Theater
Ben Mandall, Jeff Fasenfest, Sage LaTorra, Ryan Macklin, Jess Hartley, Erik Mona, Robert Gifford, Mat Margalis

The Art of the Table is back to delve into the heart of what makes for a truly great experience at the gaming table! You’ve spent years harrying your players, running them ragged in diabolical adventures and fiendish dungeons… Or maybe you’ve left a trail of broken GMs and mangled quests in your wake. When rules knowledge is no longer an issue, how can focusing on such things as improvisation, in-character roleplay, and story structure help enhance a game? Does the alignment of your gaming table really matter? Just which house rules really work?  Come dig deeper into what makes a good RPG and what turns a good GM into a great one.

Running Mythender

Saturday 10am to 2pm — Room 301

I’ll be running Mythender for up to four people. It’s first-come, first-serve, and sign-ups are in Tabletop Hadquarters in room 204.

Indie Games on Demand

Room 305 and 306 — @pax_indie_rpgs

I’m not schedule to be on Indie Games on Demand specifically, but time I’m not spending wandering the hall or getting food will likely be spent here. So, if you’re looking to catch me, this is a good bet! (After spending most of Gen Con booked, I’m pretty happy to have loads of flexible time for PAX.)

Query: Looking for Crash Space

So I don’t have to drive into Seattle & deal with parking every day, I’m hoping some kind soul will have some crash space (even a floor) so that I can avoid such suffering.

– Ryan

[Will be updated as more info happens.]


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  1. jessecoombs says:

    If you have trouble with the crash space when time gets closer, let me know and I can throw out a request to some folks I know there…